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Pagiel Shechter, MD
Nilly Shechter, MD

Pagiel Shechter, MD
Nilly Shechter, MD
20 Years Of Service Recognition By Cedars

Pagiel Shechter, MD

Dr. Shechter obtained an MD Magna Cum Laude from Sackler Medical School, Tel-Aviv University, Israel in 1977. He completed his internship and residency at Sheba Medical Center in Israel affiliated with Tel Aviv Sackler Medical School. His initial Nephrology training was in Sheba Medical Center, Sackler Medical School Tel Aviv University. He was a Senior Lecturer in Sackler Medical school.  He underwent extensive research and clinical Fellowship at Stanford University, California between 1989 to 1993.

Together with his wife Ofra they built a dialysis center in 2000. The center was sold to Renal Care Partners in 2007. It is now owned by US Renal Care.

Dr. Shechter has additional clinical training in Diabetic Nephropathy and Clinical Pharmacology. He is a member of the American Society of Nephrology, Inernational Society of Nephrology, American Heart Association,  American Diabetes Assocition, and Renal Physician Association. He has extensive experience in administration of medical systems. In addition to English, Dr. Shechter speaks Arabic and Hebrew.
Dr. Shechter is an Assistant Professor at UCLA Medical School.

Pagiel is a Biblical name given to the Chief of the Tribe of Asher, Pagiel son of Ochran. (Numbers 1:13)


Nilly Shechter, MD

Cedars Sinai Medical Center.  Los Angeles, CA.         2016-2018  Internal Medicine Residency

 American College of Physicians (ACP)       2015-present, Member

Ben Gurion University. Be’er Sheva, Israel.       7/2011-5/2015, M.D.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Jerusalem, Israel.  2014 MPH with Honor. 

University of Southern California. Los Angeles, CA.    2009    BA in Sociology and Natural Sciences, Magna cum Laude                                                                                     

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Covered California
We are providers for the new California Medi-Cal managed care exchange Covered California. is a joint partnership between Covered California™ and the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

Covered California’s mission is to increase the number of Californians with health insurance, improve the quality of health care for all Californians, reduce health care coverage costs and make sure California's diverse population has fair and equal access to quality health care.

The mission of DHCS is to provide low-income Californians with access to affordable, high-quality health care, including medical, mental health and substance abuse treatment services and long-term care. Its vision is to preserve and improve the physical and mental health of all Californians.

You will have the ability to choose the health plan that offers the best services at the greatest value for you or find out if you qualify for Medi-Cal. This is insurance that can't be dropped or denied if you have a pre-existing medical conditionPre-existing Medical ConditionAny illness or condition a patient has prior to obtaining insurance..

Covered California and DHCS are committed to ensuring that Californians are aware of their health coverage options. Through, you can find out if you qualify for free or low-cost health insurance, including Medi-Cal, and compare a range of health plans and choose the right one for you. Covered California provides information in many languages and in culturally relevant ways.

Covered California is conducting a marketing, outreach and educational program to help raise awareness about the new opportunities for Californians to get covered. To reach as many people as possible, Covered California and DHCS work with different partner groups to help with these educational efforts. Their expertise in reaching out and educating groups and individuals statewide can help Covered California connect with millions of uninsured Californians and transform the health insurance marketplace.

Special Services

We perform Holter heart monitoring, for detection of significant heart irregularities.
We added a state-of-the-art nerve conduction machine, to diagnose and quantify nerve damages, secondary to trauma or a variety of diseases or conditions, such as diabetes, anemia, vitamin deficiencies,kidney failure and more.

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a common condition leading to disability. This condition involves hardening of the arteries leading to the legs. When it happens it can result in severe leg pain. Risk factors include among others: smoking and diabetes. When it happens, it also means that the affected person has a similar process in the arteries leading to other organs, such as the brain and the heart. When it exist, it increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and death. We launched an initiative, in accordance with recommendations from experts like the American Heart Association, to diagnose PAD early 
 When discovered early there are many treatment options that can save the legs and life. We have a team of technicians and specialists to assist in diagnosing and treating PAD. 

About one in five patients with PAD will have a major cardiovascular event within a year (stroke, heart attack or death). Even patients with asymptomatic PAD are at a major risk. Patients who are smokers or have conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure are at risk for asymptomatic PAD. 
Have your limbs checked for PAD today. Call us to schedule an appointment. The test is covered by most insurance carriers.

On Site Lab Results

We perform on-site PT/INR measurement for patients on Coumadin. These lab results are available within minutes.
We have introduced on site stat on site Heoglobin test.

Continous Glucose Monitoring

We recently integrated the use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices (CGM) by Medtronic

Continuous glucose monitoring is a method of constantly checking a person's glucose level. Continuous glucose monitors subcutaneously measure interstitial glucose concentrations. Fingerstick tests only measure glucose levels at a point in time and can miss dangerous highs and lows. A1C tests only show average glucose levels for a 2 to 3 month period. Neither is intended to show daily high and low patterns and trends.1

Continuous glucose monitoring provides a continuous 24-hour display of glucose levels, which can significantly reduce A1C levels compared to fingersticks alone. 2-5

Who Can Benefit From Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

  • People who experience dangerous lows and highs
  • People who suffer from hypoglycemia unawareness
  • People who desire better control
  • People with elevated A1C levels

What Is a Continuous Glucose Monitor?

Guardian glucose monitor

A continuous glucose monitor is an FDA-approved device that measures glucose levels continuously, 24 hours a day. The glucose monitor can help you understand how food, exercise, and medication impact your glucose levels, so you can better manage your diabetes. Many continuous glucose monitors also include alarms to indicate when your glucose levels are too high or too low.

The tiny glucose sensor is inserted under the skin. The transmitter transmits glucose readings to the monitor.

Depending on the type of monitor, a small glucose-sensing device (or sensor) is inserted just under the skin on your stomach. The sensor measures glucose levels every few seconds and sends the information via a wireless transmitter to a monitor that can be worn on your belt or in a pocket.

A continuous glucose monitor can help you become aware of your glucose levels and how they change based on food, exercise, and medication. Wearing a monitor could help you feel more confident about the way you are managing your diabetes.

Medtronic Diabetes’ Guardian® Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System can be used by type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients who desire better glucose control to improve their health and quality of their lives.

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Dr. Shechter and his Late Mother in the Old Office Location on 5901 W. Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles
Family Pride: Dr. Shechter sitting. Standing Lt to Rt Oren Shechter, Dafna, Nilly Shechter-Evron, MD